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Booking Meetings

Samna Meet seamlessly integrates with your existing calendar applications, so you can easily book meeting rooms using the tools you're already familiar with. We recommend booking meetings directly through your preferred calendar app (e.g., Google Calendar, Outlook) for a streamlined experience.
Why Use Your Calendar App?
Familiarity: Most users are already comfortable with the booking process in their calendar app.
Convenience: You can see your schedule and colleagues' availability all in one place.
Seamless Integration: Samna Meet automatically syncs with your calendar, ensuring that bookings are reflected on both platforms.
How to Book a Meeting:
Open Your Calendar App: Launch Google Calendar or Outlook (or your preferred calendar app) on your computer or mobile device.
Create a New Event: Start creating a new calendar event.
Add the Meeting Room:
In the "Location" or "Rooms" field, start typing the name of the meeting room you want to book.
Samna Meet will suggest available meeting rooms that match your query.
Select the desired meeting room from the list.
Invite Participants: Add the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the meeting.
Set Time and Duration: Choose the date, start time, and duration of the meeting.
Save the Event: Click "Save" or "Create Event" to finalize the booking.
Additional Tips:
Check Availability: You can quickly see a meeting room's availability by viewing its calendar in your calendar app.
Recurring Meetings: Set up recurring meetings easily by selecting the "Repeat" option when creating the event.
Alternative Booking Methods: If you prefer, you can also book meetings directly through the Samna Portal or the Samna Meet tablet outside the meeting room.
If you can't find the meeting room you're looking for, make sure it has been added to your organization's Samna Portal and is enabled for booking.
If you encounter any issues syncing bookings between your calendar app and Samna Meet, check the integration settings in the Samna Portal.
By leveraging the power of your existing calendar applications, Samna Meet simplifies the booking process and ensures a smooth and efficient experience for all users.
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