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Samna Area is designed to be incredibly flexible and easy to install. It's a web-based application that can run on virtually any device with a modern web browser and WebView support. This means you can use Samna Area on desktops, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, regardless of the operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS).
Samna Area License: You'll need a valid license to activate and use the software.
Web Browser: Ensure you have a modern web browser installed on your chosen device. We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for optimal performance.
WebView Support: Your web browser should have WebView enabled. This is usually enabled by default, but you can check your browser settings to make sure.
Network Connection: You'll need a stable internet connection to access the Samna Portal and update content.
Floor Plans: Digital floor plans of your workspace (ideally in SVG or PNG format).
Installation Steps:
Registering an account with Samna
Follow the procedure in the section of the
Access Samna Portal:
Open your web browser and navigate to the Samna Portal.
Log in to your Samna account using your admin credentials.
Activate License:
If you haven't already, activate your Samna Area license in the portal.
Launch Samna Area:
From the Samna Portal dashboard, click on the "Launch Samna Area" button or link.
This will open Samna Area directly in your web browser.
Upload Floor Plans:
In the Samna Area interface, go to the "Maps" or "Floor Plans" section and upload your digital floor plans.
Configure Maps and Information Bar:
Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate maps, add points of interest, customize the information bar, and set up integrations (if applicable).
(Optional) HDMI Connection:
If you don't have a suitable device with a web browser and WebView, Samna can provide a custom device that connects to your display via HDMI. Contact Samna support for more information.
If Samna Area doesn't load properly in your web browser, try clearing your browser cache and cookies.
If you encounter any issues with WebView, check your browser settings or contact Samna support.
Benefits of Web-Based Installation:
No Additional Software: You don't need to install any extra software on your devices.
Platform Flexibility: Samna Area works on a wide range of devices and operating systems.
Easy Updates: Updates to Samna Area are automatically applied through the web browser, ensuring you always have the latest features and security patches.
By leveraging web-based technology, Samna Area simplifies the installation process and provides a convenient, accessible solution for showcasing your workspace.

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