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Getting Started

Samna Area is your comprehensive solution for managing and showcasing your workspace. This section will guide you through the initial setup and configuration of your Samna Area system.
What is Samna Area?
Samna Area is a versatile platform that provides:
Interactive Maps: Dynamic, customizable maps of your workspace.
Room Information: Detailed information about each meeting room, including availability, amenities, and photos.
Information Bar: A customizable display for showcasing important announcements, news, weather, or other relevant information.
Integrations: Seamless integration with various systems and data sources to automate updates and keep information fresh.
Key Benefits:
Samna Area offers a wide range of benefits that enhance your workspace and improve the experience for both employees and visitors.
1. Improved Wayfinding and Navigation:
Intuitive Maps: Interactive maps provide clear, easy-to-follow directions to help people quickly locate meeting rooms, offices, amenities, and other points of interest within your workspace.
Real-Time Updates: Dynamic maps can display real-time occupancy information for meeting rooms, making it easier to find available spaces.
Accessibility Features: Samna Area can be configured to include accessibility information, such as wheelchair-accessible routes and entrances, to assist individuals with disabilities.
2. Enhanced Communication and Information Sharing:
Centralized Information Hub: The information bar serves as a central location for displaying important announcements, news, company updates, weather forecasts, cafeteria menus, and other relevant information.
Targeted Messaging: You can tailor messages to specific audiences or locations, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people.
Visual Appeal: Engaging visuals and multimedia content on the information bar can capture attention and effectively communicate key messages.
3. Streamlined Room Booking (with Samna Meet Integration):
Seamless Booking: Integrate Samna Area with Samna Meet to allow users to view meeting room availability and book rooms directly from the interactive map.
Real-Time Updates: The map automatically updates to reflect booked and available rooms, preventing conflicts and ensuring efficient use of space.
Simplified Management: Admins can easily manage meeting room bookings and view usage statistics through the Samna Portal.
4. Customization and Branding:
Tailored Look and Feel: Customize the appearance of Samna Area to match your company's branding, including colors, logos, fonts, and background images.
Flexible Layout: Choose the layout and content that best suits your workspace and communication needs.
Scalable Solution: Samna Area can be easily scaled to accommodate changes in your workspace or organization.
5. Additional Benefits:
Cost Savings: By streamlining wayfinding and communication, Samna Area can reduce the need for printed signage and other traditional communication methods.
Improved Efficiency: Employees can save time finding meeting rooms and accessing information, leading to increased productivity.
Enhanced Visitor Experience: A well-organized and informative workspace creates a positive first impression for visitors and clients.
Data-Driven Insights: Samna Area can provide valuable analytics on space utilization and meeting room usage, helping you make informed decisions about your workspace.
By offering these comprehensive benefits, Samna Area transforms your workspace into a more connected, efficient, and engaging environment for everyone.

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