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Samna Documentation
Using Samna Area

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Viewing Room Details

Samna Area provides comprehensive and real-time information about each meeting room in your workspace, helping you make informed decisions when booking or using a space.
Accessing Room Details:
Locate the Room on the Map: Find the desired meeting room on the interactive map. The room's icon or label will dynamically change color or display an indicator (e.g., green for free, red for busy) to show its current availability status.
Tap/Click on the Room: Tap (on touchscreen devices) or click (on computers) on the room icon or name to open its details.
What You'll Find:
Room Name: The official name of the meeting room.
Capacity: The maximum number of people the room can comfortably accommodate.
Current Status: A clear indicator (e.g., Free, Busy, Reserved) showing the room's real-time availability.
Today's Schedule: A timeline view of all meetings scheduled for the room today, including start and end times.
(Optional) Upcoming Bookings: If integrated with Samna Meet, you'll also see upcoming bookings for the room beyond today.
Amenities: A list of available amenities in the room, such as:
Video Conferencing Equipment
Conference Phone
Catering Options (if applicable)
Photos: Images of the room to give you a visual idea of the layout and atmosphere.
Description: A brief description of the room's purpose or any special features.
Book Now (Optional): If integrated with Samna Meet, a "Book Now" button allows you to quickly book the room if it's available.
Additional Information (Optional):
Depending on your Samna Area configuration, you might also integrate:
Live Video Feed: A live video feed from the room, allowing you to see if it's currently occupied.
Environmental Data: Real-time information about the room's temperature, humidity, or air quality.
Usage Statistics: Historical data on how frequently the room is used.
Dynamic Map: Use the dynamic map view to quickly assess room availability at a glance.
Check the Schedule: Before heading to a meeting room, review its schedule in the room details to ensure it's free when you need it.
Filter by Amenities: If you need specific amenities, use the filter options (if available) to quickly find rooms that meet your requirements.
Compare Rooms: View details for multiple rooms side-by-side to easily compare their features and choose the best one for your needs.
By providing real-time information and a comprehensive overview of each meeting room, Samna Area helps you make the most of your workspace and choose the perfect space for your next meeting or collaboration.
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