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Samna Documentation
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What is Samna Meet?

Samna Meet is an advanced meeting room management application designed to optimize the utilization of meeting spaces in various settings such as corporate offices, educational institutions, and conference centers. By providing a seamless, user-friendly interface on tablets placed outside meeting rooms, Samna Meet simplifies the process of booking and managing these spaces, ensuring that users have real-time information and convenient booking options at their fingertips.

Comprehensive Meeting Room Management

At its core, Samna Meet is engineered to address the common challenges associated with managing meeting rooms:
Availability and Booking: One of the primary functions of Samna Meet is to display the real-time availability of meeting rooms. Users can quickly see whether a room is available or occupied, minimizing the time spent searching for an open space. The application also allows users to book rooms directly from the tablet, making it easy to secure a meeting room on the spot.
Meeting Confirmation and Updates: Samna Meet enables users to confirm their bookings and make updates as needed. This feature is particularly useful for handling last-minute changes or cancellations, ensuring that meeting rooms are used efficiently and effectively.
Integration with Calendar Services: To provide a seamless user experience, Samna Meet integrates with popular calendar services such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange. This integration ensures that the information displayed on the tablets is always up-to-date, reflecting the latest bookings and cancellations from the organization’s calendar system.
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