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Interacting with the Information Bar

The Information Bar in Samna Area is designed to keep you informed and engaged with important updates and announcements relevant to your workspace. It occupies approximately 25% of the screen, providing a prominent display for essential information.
Content on the Information Bar:
Announcements: Stay up-to-date with the latest company news, events, or important alerts displayed on the Information Bar.
Weekly Menu (Optional): If configured by your organization, the Information Bar may display the weekly cafeteria or canteen menu.
Upcoming Events (Optional): Get a glimpse of upcoming events, workshops, or social gatherings happening in your workspace.
Custom Content: Your organization may also use the Information Bar to display custom messages, reminders, or other relevant information.
Future Enhancements:
In the future, Samna Area will introduce the ability to add widgets to the Information Bar, offering a wider range of dynamic content options, including:
News: Stay informed with the latest news headlines from trusted sources.
Weather: Get real-time weather updates and forecasts for your location.
Social Media Feeds: View curated social media feeds from your company or relevant industry sources.
Interacting with the Information Bar (Current Functionality):
Viewing: The Information Bar content is typically displayed in a rotating or scrolling format. You can simply view the information as it cycles through.
Clicking/Tapping (Optional): In some cases, the Information Bar may contain interactive elements. For example, you might be able to tap or click on an announcement to view more details or on a menu item to see a full description.
Staying Informed:
Keep an eye on the Information Bar to stay in the loop about what's happening in your workspace. It's a valuable tool for keeping you informed and connected to your colleagues and company.

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