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Templates and Template types

Understanding the function of templates
Nima Gharib

Templates and Template Types

Samna is designed around the concept of **Templates** and **Template types**. Template types are different data sets which can be collected and managed by Samna, and the corresponding views which can display these data sets. A template is simply an instance of a template type. Currently the only supported template type is **Meeting Room**, which allows Samna to collect and manage information about meeting rooms and meetings. For the template type meeting room, a template represents a specific room and all meetings associated with it.
A Samna-Device is generic, and can be any of the template types supported. You assign the template type to the device implicitly when assigning a template to the device during the configuration process. For clarity and simplicity, you first select the template type, then the portal will show you the templates available for that type, along with any unique configuration options for that template type.
For the template type meeting room, the list of available templates will simply be the list of available rooms. In other words, a template is a room for this template type. A device which is assigned a template of template type meeting room, is assigned a room. The device will show the booking status of said room, as well as enabling some user actions, such as quick booking and canceling meetings.
Multiple devices can be assigned the same template, i.e. the same room (imagine a large room with multiple entrances and a device at each entrance), but a device can only have one template at any given time. It is easy to change which template is assigned to a device, and implicitly the template type, and it can be done at any time.
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