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Samna Documentation
Using Samna Meet

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In-Meeting Controls

Samna Meet tablets provide convenient controls for managing your meeting while you're in the room.
Extending or Ending a Meeting:
Extend: If your meeting is running longer than expected, you can extend it directly from the tablet. Simply tap the "Extend" button and choose the additional time you need.
End: When your meeting is finished, tap the "End Meeting" button on the tablet to release the room and make it available for others.
Reporting Issues:
If you encounter any problems during your meeting (e.g., technical issues, missing equipment, or room cleanliness), you can report them directly through the tablet. Tap the "Report Issue" button and select the appropriate category.
Accessing Meeting Details:
Tap on the current booking on the tablet to view additional details, such as the meeting agenda, notes, or a list of participants.
Note: The specific features and layout of in-meeting controls may vary slightly depending on your Samna Meet device and software version.
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