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Q: What is Samna Area?
A: Samna Area is a comprehensive workspace management and visualization solution. It combines interactive maps, real-time room information, a customizable information bar, and integrations to help employees and visitors navigate and interact with your workspace.
Q: What devices can I use Samna Area on?
A: Samna Area is platform- and device-agnostic. It can run on any device with a modern web browser and WebView support, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Q: How do I get started with Samna Area?
A: To get started, you'll need to purchase a license, install the software on a device (or use our web-based version), and upload your floor plans. Our support team will guide you through the setup process.
Q: How do I update my floor plans in Samna Area?
A: Contact Samna support to request a floor plan update. We handle the conversion and deployment of new floor plans to ensure accuracy.
Q: Can I customize the appearance of the maps?
A: Yes, you can customize map styles, icons, labels, and more through the Samna Portal settings.
Q: How does the map show real-time room availability?
A: The map dynamically updates to show room availability using color-coded indicators or icons. This information is pulled from your integrated calendar system (e.g., Samna Meet, Google Calendar, Outlook).
Information Bar:
Q: What kind of content can I display on the Information Bar?
A: You can display announcements, news feeds, weather forecasts, social media feeds, custom content, and more.
Q: Can I schedule content to appear at specific times?
A: Yes, you can schedule content to display at specific times or on certain days of the week.
Q: Will I be able to add widgets to the Information Bar?
A: Yes, the ability to add widgets for news, weather, and other content is coming soon.
Q: Why isn't the map loading or updating properly?
A: Check your internet connection, clear your browser cache, or ensure that any firewall settings are not blocking access to Samna Area. If the issue persists, contact Samna support.
Q: Why aren't my points of interest (POIs) appearing correctly?
A: Verify that the POIs are correctly configured in the Samna Portal and that the map data is up-to-date.
Q: How can I get help with customizing Samna Area?
A: Refer to the admin documentation for detailed instructions on customization or contact Samna support for assistance.
Contact Support:
If you are unable to resolve an issue using the troubleshooting steps above, please contact Samna support for further assistance. You can reach us via:
Phone: +47 4612 4712
Online Support Portal:
We are committed to providing prompt and helpful support to ensure your Samna Meet system runs smoothly.
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