Samna Documentation
Samna Documentation
Installation and Setup

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Configuration Settings

Admin Panel Access:

Dashboard: Access the via a web browser using the provided credentials. The dashboard provides an overview of all devices and their statuses.
Room and Area Management: Add, edit, or remove rooms and areas as needed. Configure room properties, such as capacity and available amenities.
Customization: Customize the display settings for both Samna Meet and Samna Area, including themes, colors, and displayed information.
Integration Settings:
Calendar Integration: Connect to your organization’s calendar service (e.g., Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange) to enable real-time booking and availability updates.
Information Bar Integration: Set up integrations for the information bar on Samna Area to display relevant updates like weather, canteen menus, and other dynamic content.

Ongoing Maintenance

Software Updates:
Samna ensures that all applications are kept up to date with the latest features and security patches. Updates are pushed automatically to all devices.
Customer Support: For any issues or questions, contact Samna support through the provided channels. Our support team is ready to assist with troubleshooting and configuration adjustments.
Documentation: Refer to the online documentation for detailed guides and FAQs.
By following these guidelines, customers can effectively set up their hardware to work seamlessly with the Samna SaaS platform. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.
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