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Floor Plan Setup

Samna Area makes it incredibly easy for you to get your interactive maps up and running. We handle the heavy lifting of converting your floor plans into dynamic, 3D maps, so you can focus on other important tasks.
What You'll Need:
Digital Floor Plans: You'll need digital versions of your floor plans. The ideal formats are SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), PDF or high-resolution PNG images. These formats ensure the best quality and scalability for your maps.
(Optional) Room Information: Provide us with details about each meeting room, including name, capacity, amenities, and any photos you'd like to showcase.
Note: While we help with Room Information, usually it is far easier and in the end cheaper for the Administrator to update this information. You know your equipment, and we don’t want to be an unnecessary middle-man driving up costs!
Our Process:
Submit Floor Plans: Upload your digital floor plans to our secure platform.
(Optional) Room Information: Provide the necessary details about each meeting room (name, capacity, amenities, photos).
Conversion and Optimization: Our team will convert your 2D floor plans into interactive 3D maps. We'll optimize them for seamless navigation and performance on various devices.
Review and Approval: We'll provide you with a preview of the 3D maps for your review and approval. You can suggest any adjustments or corrections at this stage.
Deployment: Once you're satisfied with the maps, we'll deploy them to your Samna Area instance, where they'll be ready for your employees and visitors to use.
(Optional) Additional Options:
Wayfinding: If you'd like to add wayfinding capabilities to your maps, we offer integration with beacons or other technologies. This allows users to receive turn-by-turn directions on their mobile devices.
Customizations: We can further customize your maps with your branding, specific points of interest, or other features you may require.
The process of converting your floor plans into 3D maps is a service we provide. Please contact our sales team for pricing information and to discuss any customization options.
By handling the technical aspects of floor plan setup, Samna Area streamlines the process for you, making it quick and effortless to create an interactive map solution for your workspace.
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