Samna Documentation
Samna Documentation
Using Samna Meet

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Managing Calendars

Samna Meet synchronizes with your existing calendar applications, so you can manage your meeting room bookings directly from your familiar calendar interface.
Viewing Upcoming Bookings:
Open Your Calendar App: Launch your preferred calendar app (e.g., Google Calendar, Outlook).
Select the Meeting Room: Find the calendar associated with the meeting room you want to view.
View Bookings: You will see a list or calendar view of all upcoming bookings for that room, including details like the meeting title, time, and participants.
Editing or Canceling Bookings:
Select the Booking: Click on the booking you want to modify in your calendar app.
Edit Details:
Change the time, duration, or participants.
Update the meeting title or add notes.
Cancel Booking: Click on the "Cancel" or "Delete" button to remove the booking from the calendar.
Syncing with External Calendars:
Samna Meet can sync with various external calendar systems, including:
Google Calendar
Other CalDAV-compatible calendars
To set up calendar sync, go to the "Integrations" section of the Samna Portal.
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