Samna Documentation
Samna Documentation
Quick-Start Guide

First Steps

Booking a Room:
If you have integrated Samna with your calendar-application (Exchange/Google), we generally recommend using the app you’re familiar with, such that we do not fall into the Yet Another App (YAP) category.
If you exclusively use Samna, open the Samna Bookable app.
Select an available room from the list.
Enter the meeting details and confirm the booking.
Viewing Room Availability:
Use the Samna Meet devices outside each room to check if a room is occupied or available.
Use Samna Bookable app.
Use your default calendar app.
Check the Samna Area display for an overview of all rooms in your area.
Customizing Your Experience:
Access the settings in the admin panel to customize room names, display settings, and information bars.
By following these steps, you’ll be up and running with Samna in no time!

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