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SDS: A Seamless Part of the Samna Ecosystem

Samna Digital Signage (SDS) complements and enhances the existing Samna product suite, creating a comprehensive solution for workspace management, communication, and visitor engagement.
How SDS Integrates with Other Samna Products:
Samna Meet:
Display meeting room schedules and availability directly on digital signage screens located outside meeting rooms or in common areas.
Share meeting details, agendas, or welcome messages for specific meetings.
Promote the use of Samna Meet for booking rooms and streamline the booking process.
Samna Area:
Integrate SDS with Samna Area's interactive maps to provide wayfinding directions to specific locations or points of interest highlighted on digital signage screens.
Display content from Samna Area's information bar (e.g., announcements, news, weather) on larger digital signage screens throughout the workspace.
Create a unified visual experience across both platforms, using consistent branding and messaging.
Benefits of Integrating SDS with the Samna Ecosystem:
Enhanced Communication: Reach a wider audience with important announcements, news, and updates by displaying them on strategically placed digital signage screens.
Improved Wayfinding: Guide visitors and employees to their destinations more effectively by integrating wayfinding information with digital signage.
Increased Engagement: Create a more engaging and interactive workspace by combining the power of Samna Area's interactive maps with the visual appeal of digital signage.
Streamlined Management: Manage all aspects of your Samna ecosystem—room booking, wayfinding, and digital signage—through a single, unified platform (the Samna Portal).
Example Use Cases:
Display a welcome message for visitors in the lobby, along with directions to the reception area.
Show meeting schedules and availability on screens outside meeting rooms.
Promote upcoming company events or product launches on digital signage displays throughout the workspace.
Share real-time news updates or weather forecasts in common areas.
Create interactive kiosks that allow visitors to browse information about your company or products.
By integrating Samna Digital Signage with other Samna products, you can create a more connected, informative, and engaging workspace that benefits both your employees and your visitors.
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