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Samna Documentation
Installation and Setup

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Installation Guide

Initial Setup by Samna:

Account Creation

It’s easy to register Samna, just follow the steps below
Registering Your Device:
Online Code: Once the tablet is powered on and connected to the network, it will display a unique code on the screen: ​
Samna Portal:
Open a web browser on any device (computer, smartphone, or another tablet) and go to the .
Log in to your Samna account. If you don't have an account yet, you will need to create one. ​
Samna uses Entra ID for authentication, you are therefore redirected in a new window to Microsoft’s sign-in page: ​
If this is the first time you are logging on, you will see the following picture, remember to choose Consent on behalf of your organization: ​
If this is the first time you’ve logged on to Samna, you will see the following error message: ​
Click on Configure In Azure, you will be redirected to your Azure portal (Requires Administrative Privileges). Choose the Samna Enterprise App: ​
Go to users and Groups, and add yourself as the administrator: ​
Now, after the change has been made, Samna should be ready to let you log on: ​
If you see the following screenshot, contact the team at and we’ll add your organization as a consumer of Samna: ​
Now, if you’re going to use Samna for meetingrooms, we will ask you to connect you Exchange or Google Gsuite in the next picture. We need contact with your E-mail supplier to get actual meetingroom information! Add the Samna Connector to your tenant. Click on Grant Permissions: ​
Grant the permissions and let’s go! ​
Now you should be able to register devices and use Samna to the fullest.

System Configuration

We set up the necessary backend infrastructure, ensuring that all services are correctly configured and optimized.

Integration Setup

Any required integrations with third-party systems (e.g., calendar services, weather updates) are established. Check modules for all possibilities (future)

Customer Hardware Setup

Choosing Hardware:

Tablets for Samna Meet: Select tablets that meet the system requirements and are suitable for mounting outside meeting rooms.
Our Partners provide tablets that are verified and approved by Samna.
Displays for Samna Area: Choose large screens or monitors for common areas to display room overviews and dynamic information.

Installing Samna Apps:

Download the App:
For Samna Meet: Download from the Google Play Store (Android).
Note: You do not need to install apps on hardware provided by Samna or its partners.
For Samna Area: A modern web-browser with internet access.
App Installation:
Follow the standard installation process for your device’s operating system.
Ensure the app has the necessary permissions (e.g., network access, location services if required).
A code will be provided if Samna has internet access.
App Configuration:
Device Registration: Register each device with the code provided in the , associating it with the correct room (for Samna Meet) or area (for Samna Area).
Mounting and Positioning:
Samna Meet Tablets:
Mount the tablets outside each meeting room at eye level.
Ensure the device is securely attached and easily accessible for interaction.
Samna Area Displays:
Position displays in prominent locations where they are easily visible to users.
Ensure the displays are connected to a stable power source and network.
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