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Content Management


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Samna Area provides a flexible and intuitive content management system (CMS) that empowers you to easily create, update, and manage the information displayed on your interactive maps and information bar.
Content Types:
Map Content:
Room Details: Update meeting room names, descriptions, capacity, amenities, photos, and availability status.
Points of Interest (POIs): Add or modify POIs such as restrooms, elevators, printers, cafes, or any other relevant locations.
Floor Plans: Upload new or updated floor plans as your workspace evolves.
Navigation Paths: Define custom paths or routes for wayfinding.
Information Bar Content:
Announcements: Share important company news, events, or alerts.
News Feeds: Display news headlines from external sources.
Weather: Show current weather conditions and forecasts.
Social Media Feeds: Integrate social media feeds to showcase your company's online presence.
Custom Content: Create your own content using text, images, videos, or embedded web pages.
Accessing Content Management:
Log in to Samna Portal: Access the Samna Portal as an admin user.
Content Management Section: Navigate to the "Content" or "CMS" section within the portal.
Choose Content Type: Select the type of content you want to manage (e.g., maps, information bar).
Editing Content:
Select Item: Choose the specific item you want to edit (e.g., a meeting room, a POI, an announcement).
Edit Details:
Update the text, images, links, or other relevant information.
Use formatting tools to make your content visually appealing.
Save Changes: Click "Save" or "Publish" to apply your changes.
Scheduling and Automation:
Scheduling: You can schedule content to be displayed at specific times or on certain days of the week. This is useful for announcements or time-sensitive information.
Automation: Samna Area supports integrations with various data sources, allowing you to automate content updates. For example, you can connect to your calendar system to display meeting room availability in real-time, or pull weather data from an external API.
Additional Tips:
Keep Content Fresh: Regularly update your content to keep it relevant and engaging.
Use High-Quality Visuals: Use high-resolution images and videos for the best visual experience.
Target Your Audience: Tailor your content to the specific needs and interests of your employees and visitors.
Track Performance: Use analytics tools to track how users interact with your content and make data-driven improvements.
By leveraging the Samna Area content management system, you can maintain accurate and engaging information that enhances the overall experience of your workspace.
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