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May 2024

Redesign of Samna Meet Has Arrived! (Beta)

The GUI on the meeting room units is being upgraded to better support visually impaired users, while also bringing a modern aesthetic to the interaction with Samna's systems.
You can also enable granular time-control when quickbooking, and the timer is enhanced for visually impaired:
Choose what time-range for quickbooking (If enabled by admin)
Ongoing Meeting animation with circular countdown

How do I enable it?

Create a new Meetingroom Theme, and enable “New Design (Beta)” ​
Play with the colours and add a background image if you’d like: ​
You can now see your new theme in your Themes: ​
Set the Theme on the devices you’d like:


You can add custom Room backgrounds directly on the room, and that will override the Theme background picture.

You can add custom room backgrounds directly on the room, and that will always override the Theme background.
This way you can have custom pictures for each room, as in the example photo we have a beautiful picture of Mt. Fuji for our room...Mt. Fuji!

April 2024

We have released Samna Area! This works both in Horizontal and Vertical modes!

With Samna Area you have:

01. Complete Overview A single screen provides a complete view of selected meeting rooms in the office landscape.
02. Dynamic 3D Maps Detailed, three-dimensional maps provide a clear and understandable view of the meeting areas.
03. Accessible Information Easy access to room status, booking details, and more, directly from the screen.
04. Enhanced Planning Streamlines the decision-making process when choosing a meeting room based on availability and location.
05. Optimized Room Usage Helps to maximize the utilization of meeting room resources and reduce idle time.
Note: We are integrating 3D maps full-on, expect to see an update soon.

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